Don’t give up! Don’t give in! Don’t let anyone, especially not yourself stop you from living a fulfilled life!

If you have a dream on your heart, a certain goal that you want to achieve. A niggling in your soul that there is more out there for you, don’t ignore it!

Don’t under-estimate how far you have come, everything you have overcome to get to where you are. Don’t forget the times you have pushed through on days that you didn’t even know how to. Don’t underplay the times you wanted to give-in to others criticism and give in to fear. Never forget the reasons why you started your journey, never forget your dream, your reasons for pursuing this life to the fullest and the strength you have inside you to live in the center of a life you have created, a life you have dreamed of.


I find it hard to envision a life of abundance and beauty when I am sad. Often I let stress and worry creep in and I get caught up in those emotions and can’t see the beauty in things or I don’t have the positive energy to see things from a different point of view. Do you also feel like this at times?

What helps center my thoughts and my focus to love more intentionally and get back to positive thinking is the following things:

  1. First I try and recognize that I have not been myself (either sad, edgy, tired, cranky, snappy, negative, demanding)
  2. I journal about my thoughts and often don’t know why I am feeling this way. Once you start writing you will start to see where the negative emotion comes from.
  3. Think of a solution on how you can change your mindset about the situation
  4. If it involves another person, talk to them about it
  5. If it is a whole host of emotions and a series of events try to isolate the problem linked to each emotion ( I often end up so upset because I feel like I often look at things when they have become compounded with other issues)
  6. If I go on too long like this, it drains me– your mind gets filled with I cants and you feel defeated. By taking control of the situation and your emotions you can deal with any issue in a more a healthy way.
  7. Don’t cacoon – ask for help if you need it. Communicate your needs to others. No one can help you if you don’t tell them what’s upsetting you.
  8. Go for a walk! Have a cup of coffee, a glass of wine.. treat yourself. Do not punish yourself when you are feeling down, rather try to add some sort of downtime to your day that will help ease your mood.
  9. Breathe! I often forget to consciously breathe when I am stressed. A deep breathe can center your thoughts and just calm you down.
  10. Don’t allow your emotions to stop you from being happy! Happiness is a choice. Today I have chosen to stop being so hard on myself and to be happy. Being happy is so personal to each of us – different things make us happy. Happiness is not a prolonged state of being, it’s a conscious decision in some small way to add some lightness to your day.

So the whole point of this to remind you and myself that there will be down days, hard days, challenges and people that may upset you – but don’t allow these hiccups to cloud your vision of your dreams and to enjoy each day in whatever small way we can.

Claim life, it’s yours





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