Something About Pri


SOMETHING ABOUT PRI is an inspirational and interactive destination for the working, dream-chasing women, mama and young lady.

We are so busy building careers and families that we often lose touch with our something. Call it our je ne sais quoi, defined as:

An indefinable quality that makes something distinctive, unique or attractive.

The reality is, we may have lost it, buried it or may have never found it. SO LET’S FIND IT!

We want to find that hidden gift, treasure and talent hidden in each of us. Life has to be lived and we forget – we forget who we once were, what we once dreamt about and what set our souls on fire.

SOMETHING ABOUT PRI is for women who love and embrace LIFE, WORK AND MOTHERHOOD, but also want to retain a sense of self with ADVENTURE, STYLE, FUN, AUTHNTICITY and Whatever you were into some many moons ago that you would like to ignite again.

There is no judgement or hectic advice here- just honest talk and support through shared stories, while still covering shabby chic living trends, DIY,  travel and unique style all the things we loved pre-career, pre-kids-  just packaged up to include our favourite little people, and with an extra healthy dose of self-care and self-love.

SOMETHING ABOUT PRI founder Priyanka Naidoo lives in Sandton, Johannesburg with her award winning architect hubby (Owner and Creative Director of Build Architecture Office), miracle baby Eden Leia (2) and her two yorkie sons Eli and Barkley.

Alternating between a holistic lifestyle and eating macadamian nut nougat in bulk, binge watching Friends and Sex in the City in her down time, Priyanka is an organic-loving, nature seeking, wholesome living kinda gal.

3 things can some her up:

  • Long walks in nature (Escape and travel)
  • Pino coladas (Taste: Lover of pineapples and coconutty things)
  • Ripped Jeans (Style – chilled, bohemian chic)

Since becoming a mama, Priyanka was determined to live a more intentional and meaningful life. Almost losing her daughter through a traumatic birth, her entire paradigm of life changed in that moment.

A tax lawyer turned Transformation Life Coach and Entrepreneur, Priyanka spent a decade of her “PRI”-mama life working in Law firms, Professional Services Firms and Large Corporates. Now living in her purpose – she lives to inspire and pass on her knowledge, skills and passion for embracing life fully, embracing your SOMETHING and creating a life you love

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