I believe that the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare

Maya Angelou
Never stop dreaming and bring YOU to the world

This year, i did some bold things.

I started my own company. I resigned from my Corporate Job. I entered Mrs South Africa. I became a model at 31 years old. I decided to pay attention to the niggling in my every day life, the irritations, the dreariness, the dissatisfaction and live a life of passion and one of design.

I decided to embrace ME – to bring my something to the world. I have always been a dreamer – but please don’t assume that I see the world through rose coloured glasses. I am very much aware and in touch with the realities of life. From the outset my life look very glamourous and comfortable. I would say Yes and no to both assumptions respectively.

We have created a somewhat comfortable life, a cosy nest egg for us to raise our almost 2 year old baby. Glamour – yes the modeling and the events and the fashion. But that is all by the way.

Let’s take a deeper look into what I stand for and what I seek to achieve here.


Always pushing through with hope coupled with tenacity to see difficulties through. Purpose has always been that nagging word at the back of my mind and in my soul. I felt empty. I was existing. I was depressed. I lived life, the same day every day punctuated with happiness.

I became a bland, boring and bratty kind of gal, someone I actually didn’t like. I felt entitled to feel everything I felt and project that onto my family, my work, my home.

My search for more meaning started in 2015 when I finished my post grad studies. I knew there was SOMETHING more to life – there had to be than just working, malling, sleeping and eating.

The only person who could break that cycle and dissatisfaction with my life was ME.

Fact is – I thought purpose was only gifted to those lucky few privileged people who had easy lives (after much thought I considered, who has an easy life?) But the truth is, we all have challenges and more so purpose – a distinct designation for you to rise above your lifes situations and to live your ultimate life. And that is where you and I come in. Bring your SOMETHING. BE your SOMETHING. Live IT, own IT, FInd it, Breathe it until it becomes so uncontainable that it becomes your distinct trademark .

Stop thinking that you need to be a version of yourself that someone would approve of – be the version that you were designed to be, made for unique purpose and potential.

Start to seek that something.