Happy Holidays!

I love being crafty, the goof kind of course 😊

I made this DIY wreath for out front door with next to nothing.

You will need

  • A branch with leaves from your garden
  • Wire
  • Red Ribbon
  • Red Baubles (I kept these from last years Christmas Crackers)

How to Assemble the Wreath:

Twist the branch int a circle and fix together with the wire.

Finish off with ribbon and baubles and we are done!

This is an incredible DIY gift for friends and family too .

Something about Parenting – our kids world

She will inherit my faith or my fear – We choose

We as parents are really our kids compasses, their encyclopedias of life

Doesn’t this jut blow yourd mind? When a child is born, they honestly are a blank canvas – a beautiful bubbly innocent soul, waiting to absorb and learn and grow. Every idea, opinion, feeling / response they will develop as a belief that they will firmly believe.

How profound is this – “You are not what you think you are —–pause— but—what you think , YOU ARE!

So as parents, if we raise our kids to believe they are good, they are conquerors, they are loved, supported, they are allowed to make mistakes, they can be anything they set their minds too – THEY WOULD BELIEVE that they are all these things and more.

Fact: by the age of 3, their sense of self locks in and become a fundamental part of their make up. This sense of who they are becomes their reality.

So love on your kids. Break the mould of what can and can’t be done. We are their everything- lets make them everything they can be!

More than anything lets make them feel safe, love and accepted. This will give them a sense of security for the rest of their lives.